Sleepytime Chewbode Museum

Well, things are back to normal around here. Millard came by last night and we stuffed ourselves on Taco Bell. I showed him GTA:San Andreas. We then played CoH from 10:00pm until about 4:30am. I will try to post a new entry on By Baltar’s Balls! later today.

For now, I’m getting ready to take our cat, Max, to the vet for a follow-up visit. He was sick with a urinary tract infection the last couple of weeks. He’s doing real well now, tho.

Also gonna do some office work today. Got to head to the mini-storage unit to inventory all the stuff in them in the hopes we can get rid of it (it’s really just junk).

Hopefully, I’ll also get a haircut today, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it that far. After all, I’m only operating on about 3 hours of sleep right now.

Sick Thought of the Day: Wet and Brown

Up For Air

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but that’s just too bad.

Actually, there really hasn’t been much to say for the past few weeks. Work, eat, sleep. Boring.

So, Millard’s back from San Francisco. He told me a crazy story about him coughing up blood and needing to go the hospital. If you get a chance to ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you the story. Heck, he might just add it to his blog.

Some other shit you might care about (or not): I’ve been doing some work for the past year (give or take) by building 3D models for the Transformers Battlefield 1942 mod. Those of you familiar with BF know that there are lots of great mods out there, and I think that this mod will not only be good, but it’ll be quite unique (yes, you’ll be able to “transform” from robot to vehicle in the game). So far I’ve done the Optimus Prime robot model, the Optimus Prime vehicle model, and just recently finished the ATV/DTV model (Autobot Transport Vehicle / Decepticon Transport Vehicle). Next up are the weapons for the robots (guns, grenades, etc.). Check it out.

Haven’t played CoH much at all. I’m sure I’ll get back into that. I did, however, buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and have played that for about 5 or 6 hours. Great game. Not that you need my opinion on it.

Because of my work schedule, I haven’t worked on the side app at all for about a month. I really hope to get that done soon. Jeff and I really need to get that out so we can try to make some money off it and say we finally finished something.

Sick Thought of the Day: Bloody Throat Skin