Supporting Others

A friend of mine, Tif Wegmann (Instagram, Twitter), needs our help to raise $7,500 for her treatment of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Please read her story and donate.

Friend Chris Higgins is producing a five-episode documentary, Best of Five: The Classic Tetris Champions.

Friend Anders Mouridsen who has been touring with Country artist Cam, has also been a guitarist on her latest album, The Otherside. Pick it up – it’s really good!

Also, don’t forget THAT MONSTER SHOW Episode 1 is now available to watch on YouTube! And check out our Cast & Crew Q&A.

Studio Organizing

Cleaning up and organizing the studio has been a high priority this weekend. It’s started with some smaller projects like going through the literally cleaning, week’s mail, going over finances, and ripping movies. It’s now progressed into making forward movement on some small projects and looking at the space here and organizing.

I heard Adam Savage recently reiterate a saying has: “drawers are where things go to die.” And I would agree. But he reminded me that there’s a particularly interesting way to organize drawers to prevent that, which is to build an insert with custom dividers out of foam-core.

With that in mind, I started looking at all the drawers in the studio and now have it on the docket to properly organize, and subsequently clean out, the drawers. This will include organizing some items, such as spare external and internal hard drives, into caddies, which I currently have printing on the Ender.

I also purchased an online course called Fusion 360 for Makers by the guys at I Like to Make Stuff. I spent a few hours yesterday plowing through the first six chapters and it’s great. I’m hoping to spend more time on it today.

Anyway, next up is working on the DeLorean.


Time Management

It’s Saturday again. I’ve spent my morning doing some usual things like updating my financial portfolio and scheduling bills to be paid, cleaning my desk (i.e., going through the week’s mail) and ripping Blu-rays for the video library.

I’ve been struggling with productivity the last month mainly due to having to devote so much extra time to my day job. I was meticulously planning my time for a short while. And while this helped keep me moving forward on things, it was hard to constantly be scheduling that. But, since I can’t seem to be productive without that tool, I need to figure out a better way to manage the time.

On Thursday I started Keto in an effort to loose weight. Today is #KetoDay003. The last time I did this was about 10 years ago, so it’ll be interesting to see how my body responds now that I’m older. Luckily, I’m not feeling mentally sluggish yet, and my energy levels have only dropped a little bit.

I’m going to head out to wash the car and get more groceries now. Will spend time on learning how to better plan things later today.

Added to video library: The Dirty Dozen, Frozen II

Getting Back In The Groove

As I mentioned before, things have been hectic over the past couple of weeks. Today, I’m finally getting a chance to sit at the computer and knock some overdue tasks out.

What’s coming up soon:

  • 8 Issues of the DeLorean arrived and need to be added to the model.
  • Clean up my desk (what a damned mess).
  • Write some scripts for Carl.
  • Read a bunch of backlogged magazines.
  • Write some code.

I’m currently in the process of upgrading one of the four hard drives in my primary NAS. Disk four was upgraded last month; doing disk three now.