Office Remodel Day 68

It looks like we’re near the end of the long road to a remodeled office. Typically, the fabricator comes out and measures everything, you pick the materials you want (we’re doing quartz), you get an estimate, you sign off on it, you get an install date, and then they do the install. And that whole process usually takes three to four weeks.

For us, they came out and measured… two-and-a-half months ago. That room has been cleaned, painted, a few things re-arranged and completely emptied out. The drawer pedestals have been installed and affixed to the walls. All of this was done the first two weeks after the initial order.

Yesterday, we finally got the estimate and signed off. We’re expecting the countertop to be delivered in 7 to 12 business days. Today I need to finish building out the supports for the counter to sit on and it’s also time to order new chairs, drawer organizers, cupboards, etc. for the room.

The room before adding countertop supports.