First Walk-Through

Today Cari and I had the first walk-through with the builder to see what needed to go on the final punch list. Other than the basic painting retouches, the biggest concerns we have were:

  1. No electricity. Yeah, that’s a big one. It sounds like Tampa Electric will be onsite tomorrow to install the meter. But the fact that the air conditioning wasn’t running during the walk through today was a really bummer. Very hot and sweaty.
  2. No decorative stone. Around the entire front of the house is stonework that wasn’t in place yet. However, the truck arrived while we were doing the walk through, so that looks like it’ll be done in time.
  3. No sod. The entire front yard is still without sod, and it looks crappy. But, it’s all supposed to be finished tomorrow too.

So, fingers are crossed that everything will be fine for the final walk-through on Thursday morning.