Digital Archive Now Live

The Digital Archive section of the site is now live! I’ll be putting a bunch of stuff up here over the coming weeks. The first things I’ve posted up there is a nearly complete list of all the video games I own, and a fairly up-to-date list of all my comics. As time goes on, you’ll see my entire DVD, CD, collectibles, and artwork collection up there as well, among other stuff. I want to make this my Chewbode Museum, if you will. If you wanna know what I’m into or some old, interesting stuff, just go up there.

I’ve also decided to start working out again. As soon as I get home tomorrow night I’m gonna hit the gym and do some free weights and cardio. I need to lose some of the turkey-day poundage I put on (those potatoes were awesome).

Makin’ and Watchin’

The script is coming along well. I’m still in the brainstorming stages of it, but should actually be writing the full-version shortly. I meditated for four hours on Sunday to try to spark the ol’ creative juices. I’m at an impasse right now in that I can’t decide how to end the story. Hopefully this block will clear and I’ll dive into the first draft in the next few days.

I saw War of the Worlds finally last night. I have to say that I’m really wondering about Spielberg. The last several movies he’s made he’s made he’s decided to go with that washed-out, grey-tinted look. I’m not sure if it’s me, but it seems like he’s been overdoing that a bit lately. That was really my only gripe about it, though. I also saw Elephant and Batman Begins and I also watched Anchorman again.

I also set up one of the new lighting rigs this weekend to see how well it works. I shot some test footage with some objects using it and some reflectors. I’ll use these as reference materials for full-length shoots. I’m also looking into purchasing a crane for overhead shots. I hope to be able to make a decision on the crane by Christmas time. I’ll also be getting a new fluid-head camera tripod system around then.

Sick Thought of the Day: He who goes to bed with finger in ass awakens with greasy knuckle.

The Aftermath

Thanksgiving was a belly-busting success. We ate about a third of the food, send anther third home with people, and had about half of the final third left over in the fridge. Mmm, mmm. The whole day yesterday was about deflating mentally, eating tons of leftovers, watching movies, and sleeping. It was great.

However, today I’m gonna be more productive. I’ve got my Mountain Dew and bananas (heh…), and am ready to jump back into script writing. Will is coming down here around Christmas time and he’s agreed to collaborate on a project with me and Millard. I’m also going to be doing a second small script for this, and we’ll see where it goes. I’m not sure if I’d like to do something structured with Will or maybe go more improve. I think I’ll take the structured approach and see where it goes.

Sick Thought of the Day: Cajun Hot Stick*.

*Cajun Hot Stick: /cage-in hot sti-ck/ 1. n. A spicy meat stick. 2. n. The act in which the cock is taken out of her pooper and slathered in the pool of dip spit in the small of her back and then re-inserted.

Gobble, Gobble

We’re gearing up for the big Turkey Day feast like everyone else in the country. I plan on being up bright and early to start in on the cooking along with Shauna. My grandmother won’t be able to make it, as she’s feeling under the weather and doesn’t want to make everyone sick too, but other than her, the usual bunch will gather a feed from the Chewbode glutton trough. I suspect that while everyone is beating each other about the head and neck on Black Friday, I’ll simply be sitting around rubbing my still-stuffed belly and waging an internal battle; more food, or sleep?

All production has halted for the holiday, but should begin back up this weekend. Depend if I’ve come out of my gigantic carb-fog yet.

Sick Thought of the Day: Nut twist squeal.