Catching Up

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. Mostly, that’s because I’ve been lazy, but some of that is because there hasn’t been much to talk about…

I’ve been doing some editing on the feature and have delivered a second rough cut to Millard. I’m also working on another part of the DVD now and expect to have the first rough cut of that done this weekend. The script’s been finalized as well. I have a big stack of stills to scan in to bring me up to date too. I really plan on stepping up this next week to really start hammering out this project, as it’s starting to slip too much and drag on.

Speaking of “drag on”, I booked the hotel and flight for Dragon*Con the last couple of weeks. Shauna and I will be heading up there on August 31st and will coming back September 5th. It should be a lot of fun. If you plan on attending, e-mail me and we’ll hang out. That is, we’ll hang out as long as I’m not in the film track. I plan on spending a lot of time learning while I’m there.

And continuing with the dragon theme, we’re all getting together for D&D Session 3 tonight. It’s been several weeks (a month?) since we campaigned and I’m itching. I’ve got a great game planned and I think everyone will be happy with it.

I’ve been meaning to add more to my site here, but time (and initiative) has not been on my side lately. Expect to see more soon. I’m also gearing up to launch another project, which will be announced here in the near future as well. This new project is exciting for me, as it’s a culmination of efforts stretching back to 2000.

A couple guys from work and I decided to have some fun and create a new website for all of you who love to goof off at work. Check it out.

Sick Thought of the Day: Dirty old man finger in the sacred hole of the bung.

Balls and the Closet

Last night Brad, Millard and I went bowling with some friends of Brad’s down at Sarasota Lanes. We had two lanes for about two hours and around fifteen minutes into the first game, Cosmic Bowling began. That’s where they turn off the normal lights, turn on the black lights and lasers, and fire up the smoke machine all while playing some great rock music. Very 70’s. Very fun. It’s been a while since I’ve bowled (I was on a league about 9 years ago, and have only played a handful of times since), but I was a pretty good 180 bowler. My high was 225 or thereabouts. I had no delusions of being that good last night, and my games proved it. Game one was a 120, game two was a 99, and game three was 89 after the 8th frame (the time ran out so I didn’t finish). My crappy games were complimented by some funny times with good people. I also had a big red slushie which made it all the gooder.

Today I decided to spend some time cleaning out the closet in my bedroom. It was filled to the brim with stuff and wasn’t organized in the least. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we’ve really spent time cleaning it since we moved in here about four or five years ago. So… I began that (I’m currently taking a little break to write this entry) and while going through some old boxes, I found some absolutely amazing stuff that will definitely go up in the Archive here. Old drawings, notes, pictures, scrapbooks… You name it. I’m glad I tidied up the studio because I’ll have a few boxes of mementoes in here tonight. Oh, and I’ve decided to start going through some of my Coke collectibles to see what I can get rid of. I have tons of Coke stuff, but it’s at a point where, in the past 10-15 years I’ve had the stuff, it’s never seen the light of day. Of course, I’m going to keep a decent amount of stuff, but the rest will hit eBay in the coming weeks.

Sick Thought of the Day: Pimpled scrotum, seeping blood.

July 4th

Yesterday Shauna, Melisa and I went to Busch Gardens. It was hot as hell (~91 degrees), but we had a bunch of fun. Shauna’s not a big rollercoaster rider, so Melisa and I rode the Kumba and SheiKra. I rode Kumba several years ago, but SeiKra is new. And that coaster is crazy. It pretty much drops straight down… twice… It was a pretty good ride – it was one of the few coasters that didn’t upset my stomach after I got off. So, we rode those rides and also watched a couple of pretty good musical shows and then went to see Pirates 4D, which is one of those 3D movies where they spray water at you and so on. It starred Leslie Neilson and was actually pretty fun. We drank a lot of lemonade slushies and ate some good sandwiches (I think Shauna had some popcorn and chicken fingers too). It all ended with a really awesome fireworks show over Gwazi.

So, I also wanted to mention that I’m in the process of totally rebuilding the Digital Archive on the site here. I plan to add a lot of content over the next few weeks as part of cleaning up and organizing the studio here (I need to get these stacks of things put in the closet). Stay tuned for more on this and feel free to visit the Digital Archive to see how it’s coming along…

Sick Thought of the Day: Jalapeno pepper juice on the sphincter.