The Week In Review

Because of my crazy work schedule this past week, I’ve found it pretty hard to post in the blog. If I’m not sleeping, I’m working, and if I’m not working, I’m playing City of Heroes to chill out (for mental health). So to recap a bit of this week…

Monday was Columbus Day and I had the day off. Shauna had to work, so Millard came over to play CoH. We played until like 9:00 pm or something crazy.

Tuesday was Hell on Earth. It was the first day that I was alone since Schunk got his new job. On top of the craziness of rolling the hectic Monday fervor into the day, I also leave early on Tuesdays, so I had to really crank to get everything done. Of course, like it knew Jon was gone, the phone reporting server took a big shit and I spent part of the day trying to get it working so I could print some reports.

Wednesday I went in at 7:30am and didn’t leave until around 9:00pm. Phone reporting server was back up, but then the database fucked up. I spent more then 4.5 hours trying to fix it, only to find out (of course) that there was about a five minute solution I could do to repair it.

Thursday was pretty decent. We’ve brought Joe on board to help out. He’s working on a contract basis, and helping out doing the mundane day-to-day user support stuff. If he works out, I’ll increase his level of security and allow him to do more server-related functions. Stayed till about 8:30pm.

Friday things went better. Joe was settling in a bit, and was able to tackle more support problems. We got three BSODs in the office, but we were able to track them down to a new Microsoft patch. Thanks Bill. The “usual” Friday night party at my place was a bit skewed, as Millard was up in St. Pete. for part of the day. Shauna and I went to Ci-Ci’s pizza and pigged-out, and as we were finishing, I got a call from Mil that he was just pulling into the driveway at my place. After I got home a few minutes later, Mil and I… guess, now!… we played CoH for a few hours.

Saturday was a de-stress/get some shit done day. Payed bills, clean the apartment up, etc.

And now to today… I’m gonna go get a friggin haircut as soon as the underwear in the dryer stops tumbling. After that… yep, you guessed it: CoH. I’ll fly solo today, tho. Unless, of course, Mil decides to swing by.

Sick Thought of the Day: Toenails Split in Half

City of Heroes

Millard came over last night. He, Shauna and I went out to eat, stopped off at Barnes & Noble’s and then headed back to my place. Millard and I played Star Wars Battlefront for a few hours, then I showed him CoH. Oh boy. He’s hooked. We played until 6:30am on Saturday, went to sleep, woke up around 1:00pm, and are now just stopping. Damn!

In lieu of this, I decided to chronicle our adventures. Read all about it on the blog I just put together: By Baltar’s Balls!

Sick Though of the Day: Rub It To The Blood

The End of an Era

The end of an era is now upon us. Done are the days of crazy office antics with a Mr. Jonathan J. Schunk. Jon’s last day is today. He’s moving on to work for the county government offices. Some highlights of the past five years:

  • Monkies
  • Nick’s Hot Dogs
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Medal of Honor
  • Starfleet Command III
  • Cincinnati Reds games at lunchtime
  • Airshows
  • Salty Dog
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • “Thwip!”
  • The office move
  • Intrepid Museum
  • Dog track dogs and burgers
  • Coronas
  • Transformers
  • “Body Massage”
  • “Pork Chop Sandwiches”
  • Porsche
  • “Boo chick boo!”

Jon and I will continue to hang out and play LAN games, etc. So, his ass is still gonna be having to deal with me. Wait… that didn’t sound right… You know what I mean…

Tonight Millard’s coming over. Return of the Jedi will be on the big screen. Excellent. I think we’re also gonna fix the intonation on my guitar. Like a dope, I strung heavier strings on it, and now the tremolo is really high, as is the action. I also want to work on some of the album “task” Mil gave me a couple of weeks ago. And, of course, we’re gonna play some Vice City and maybe some Battlefront.

Sick Thought of the Day: Farts on the Chin

Back To Work

The last five days off were great. I really needed that. Granted, two of the days were normal weekend days, but it helped. I played a lot of video games, ate some pizza, and relaxed.

My and Shauna’s 10th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, so on Saturday we went out and bought ourselves new wedding rings. Finally. We’ll pick them up tomorrow night and then head out for a nice dinner someplace.

This week is Schunk’s last week at work. It’ll definitely suck not working with him anymore. Five years of working (working well) next to someone really is cool. Anyway, we’ll get together on the weekends to play video games or catch a baseball game, or something along those lines.

After the much needed break, I’m diving back into my website again tonight. My goal is to finish the graphics by the end of the week. After that, Jeff and I need to asses the entire project (app and website) and see what’s left. I really want to begin marketing this November 1.

Sick Thought of the Day: Cream in the Coffee


I did nothing yesterday. Ahh. Actually, after heading to McDonald’s, I came home and played CoH for several hours. Around 3:00pm I popped Vice City into the PS2 and played that until Shauna came home from work. After dinner, we both played X-Men Legends until 10:30pm.

I think Mil’s gonna stop by tonight. Return of the Jedi will be featured in our singleplex.

Sick Thought of the Day: Smelling Jacko’s Fingers