It’s been a while since I posted last. Things have been pretty busy for me the last week or so. Anyway…

Saw Catwoman this weekend. The movie was OK, but after Spider-Man and X-Men, the story seemed very campy; a little too comic-bookish. I guess it may be my viewing preference, as I like the way the directors of these Marvel movies are portraying the characters as real people, and the “laws” of comicbookdom are not applied too much to the movies. I’ve always had trouble latching on to DC story lines, as they just seem too far-fetched. Halle Berry was alright, but the constant purring and cat-like movements really hurt the film. I’d give it a C+, and that’s mainly for Benjamin Bratt’s always-great portrayal of a cop.

Also bought a new acoustic guitar yesterday. It wanted something inexpensive that had a decent sound, so I got a Yamaha 310. Nice, simple, cheap. Yeah. Got a gig bag and some picks with it.

Things are going well with the app we’re writing. There are some minor bugs and feature tweaks that need to be done over the next couple of days, but the main focus is on developing the website and help file. Those items will take a few weeks. Right now we’re probably looking at going live with the site and offering the product September 1.

Sick Thought of the Day: Scrotum Stapling

Cop Killa

I’m normally not the kind of guy who thinks that blowing up police cars is funny or killing cops is cool. Last night I realized that, in the virtual world, I’m quite happy with both of those scenarios.

Millard and I sat and played Vice City for hours and I was laughing my ass off every time I’d slam into a cop car or run an officer over. Man, they were ganging up on me so much. They’d push and slam into my jacked SUV or car and just make it do these crazy stunts. That’s so much fun! I started out last night not feeling too vibrant because the crazy week at the office drained me hard. After playing that game, I was so relaxed and happy. I wish I’d have gotten this game when it first came out.

So, that being said, I’m at the office today with Schunk. We’ll be re-formatting and rebuilding a SQL server that has our Manhattan office’s CS/AR database on it. There’s nothing wrong with the machine; this is just a standard upgrade. We’ll probably be out of here around 3:00pm or 4:00pm today. But, I brought my GameCube in so we can play Star Wars Rogue Squadron III. That game rocks too. We’ll play it while we’re waiting for the server to do a long process (formatting, etc.).

Sick Thought of the Day: Finger so far up the ass that it begins to feel bad.

Dormio, Ergo Sum

Well, the last couple of days were hellish:

Monday at around 4:15pm the e-mail server at the office died. We called Microsoft and they recommended we repair the database. We started that around 9:00pm. Schunk and I stayed until 2:00am, and then went home to sleep. Total hours worked: 18.00

Tuesday we came in to find the server still hadn’t finished the repair. We toiled over the machine until 7:00pm, when we decided to cut our losses and restore a backup file from Thursday night, effectively losing four days of e-mail data. I volunteered to stay the “first shift” to make sure the backup routine didn’t encounter any problems. Schunk left at 9:00pm. I stayed until 5:15 am. Total hours worked: 21.25

I got home and fell asleep at 6:00am on Wednesday. I slept all day and stayed home from work. It really sucks working all 40 hours in two days.

Today I got up and was quite refreshed. Looks like I’m going to be working this weekend too, though, so I’ll probably put in about 70 hours this week – and that’s after I took Wednesday off to sleep!

Tomorrow Millard’s coming over and I think we’ll watch The Last Starfighter. I just bought it on DVD. I also bought The Mask and Kingpin. Demolition Man should be in in a few days also.

Sick Thought of the Day: Squeeze until they pop.


I’m still at work. Ugh. I’ve been here since 8:00am yesterday (20 hours ago). The good thing is that in about 45 minutes, I’m going home and the friggin e-mail server here will be fixed. Yeah!

Give Me a Broken E-mail Server, I’ll Give You 12 Hours

Shit. Fuck. Shit, shit, shit!

No, that’s not my agenda with the Mudpuppy tonight. It’s my disgust with the e-mail server at work. The fucking thing decided to take a nose-dive today at 4:30pm. I call Microsoft for support since it’s REALLY fucked up bad, and they tell me that it will be a long repair process; one which I need to watch like a hawk (translation: have to be at the office for). Looks like I’ll be out of here around 3:00am or 4:00am. Shit.