Getting Organized

I’ve decided today to start getting some things organized. I’m going to dedicate most of the day tomorrow for that. The studio needs to be cleaned up, I have several new tapes to log, and I have a bunch of bills to pay. I’m going to focus on all that plus get a haircut and go out and run a couple of errands all before 5:00pm. After that, it’s the beginning of the Friday night deflate.

The Pitts scenes went extremely well. I was very pleased.

Sick Thought of the Day: Baby spiders in the bed.

Post X-Mas

Well, Christmas is now behind us by a couple of days, and I’m reeling over the fact that I gained four pounds. That’s probably from all the candy, since I only really had about one and a half plates of dinner on Sunday. I’ve been eating a lot of salt the last few days too. Maybe that’s it. I dunno. Maybe I just need to hit the gym and shut up. Ok. I’ll do that.

I’m going to spend some time today cataloging the tapes from the shoot last week and trying some samples out. Millard gave me the raw audio tracks, and I’m going to spend some time syncing things up to see how they sound.

Sick Thought of the Day: Worms in the ear. is Back!

The site’s back up and running! is now hosted with 3essentials. A big thanks to Doug, Stacy and Russ for their help in getting the site transferred!

In other news, Will’s in town and we all congregated this past Tuesday to shoot several scenes from the new production. The day’s shooting went very well and we got a lot of coverage. Afterward, we all went out and had a bite to eat at the 24/7 Restaurant.

I’ve got the day off today and will be finishing up some Christmas chores and getting the bottom of the tree filled-out. Shauna’s going out with my mom tonight to finish up some last-minute shopping and Millard and I will probably get together and hang out and do the weekly deflate.

Sick Thought of the Day: Razorblade chew.

Site Update

Well, you can probably tell I’m tired, as 1.) it’s 3:00am and 2.) I decided (for some odd reason) to change some of the graphics on the site. In my tiredness, I’ve come up with the idea to change out the graphics on the masthead of the site for each major holiday/time of year. This’ll add some spice to the pages. Yeah. Sure.

Wrote a couple reports for the CRM tonight. I’ve also decided to move this site from a server hosted in my house to an actual, real hosting facility. This will most definitely increase speed and reliability for the site. More on that in the coming days…

Sick Thought of the Day: Gay guy gurgle.