Giant Idiot Shadows

Recently I decided to start up my NetFlix account again and have been enjoying some movies, catching up as it were. I’ve been getting more recent titles in the mail and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen just made it’s way into my mailbox today.

I was somewhat disappointed with the first movie, as I was a fan of the toys and cartoon TV series when I was a kid. I’m not going to get into why it let me down, as I’m sure you already know if you’ve seen it. Suffice it to say, I wanted the second movie to be better, but Bay decided to raise his skirt, squat and shit all over my childhood again – covered it in pureĀ diarrhea.

As I watched, I tried to digest what was on screen. I tried to enjoy it, but a single thought kept popping into my head: “Shame on you, Michael. Shame.”

I wish I could blame the director solely, but as I watched I started noticing terrible errors in the camera work and cinematography. All over the movie were shadows of the camera operators and equipment. And not just something on the ground barely in frame – there were LARGE shadows cast directly onto the main and supporting cast members during A and B story lines! How about bounce cards to fill this out? Maybe? You think?

Whoever was reviewing the dailies MUST have noticed this. For that matter the DP, Ben Seresin, MUST have seen this too. Did he approach Bay and tell him the shots were ruined? Did Bay tell him it was fine and to leave it? God, I hope not. I hope that they’ve at least FEIGNED ignorance and tried to explain it as “large alien robot” shadows, even though there was no continuity supporting that reasoning.

As I step down from the soapbox, I realize that it’s futile to rant. The movie’s made and has made money. I didn’t help with the production. I didn’t act, grip, or finance it. But I did contribute to the franchise in my youth, and helped it rise to a certain level that let Hasbro turn it into a feature film. I did invest part of my precious childhood. And I was let down. Shame on you, Michael. Shame.