I’ve been a bad boy (yeah, you all know that). I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately and not spending any time on editing. I shall change my ways. Starting next week, tho. 😉

My brother’s in town this week so we’re all going out for some dinner together tonight and will hopefully have bloated, sick-feeling programmer’s belly*. I hope to be able to get back to editing tomorrow. We’ll see.

*Programmer’s Belly: The condition where, after eating too much food (as in “Thanksgiving dinner” too much), one sits in a chair (preferably one that reclines), moans and rubs his/her belly, hoping that the tactile sensation will ease the feeling of imminent gut-split. Commonly experienced by game programmers after eating too much pizza and drinking too much Coke.

Sick Thought of the Day: Up to the elbow.

Prepping for the Dragon

Last week was terrible for productivity. I spent the time getting everything in order for my trip to Dragon*Con, which starts in just over a week. Now all the prep is out of the way, I can go back to focusing on the projects on my plate.

Another thing that didn’t help (hence, I took advantage of the downtime) was the fact that one of the main hard drives I use in the studio for editing decided to die on me. It was replaced this weekend so I’ll be editing some more starting tonight. I think I’ll be on schedule for completing the editing by Sept 1. After I get back from Dragon*Con, I’ll work on the DVD authoring. Hopefully that and the package design will be done by Sept. 27.

Also, the trip to Dragon*Con will continue the tradition of eating tons of hot dogs on the road. Check back here after the convention to see all the horrifying details.

Swelling, Sleeping, Editing

Millard and I hung out yesterday. He was feeling a bit under the weather due to a nasty sunburn he suffered while out on a boat. Ouch. We rented Hitch and ordered pizza. Movie was pretty good. Pizza was better.

I slept in and called into work today, as I was exhausted this morning. I’m about to open up the editing room and begin working on the DVD. More on that as it develops.

Pass It Around

Sometimes I think other people sneak into my bedroom at night, take off my underwear, and shit in them, then gently slide them back onto me (at least up to the knees). Sometimes the shit smears on my lower legs. When I wake up the next morning I smell it, and I KNOW it’s not me who shit in them. Someone’s playing a joke on me. I just know it.