Hell Month

There have been a shitload of things going on lately. I think the fact that I haven’t logged in and posted a blog entry is testament to that. So, here’s the skinny:

At work, we moved into our new building back on February 7th. Well, actually, it was the weekend of the 5th and 6th, but we officially opened the doors on the 7th. So, we’ve been there for almost a month now. Since the first day, we’ve encountered numerous problems that have resulted in me needing to be at the office a lot. Last week alone (Monday thru Sunday), I spent about 115 hours at the office. That means that over 68% of the ENTIRE week was spent there; the rest of the time was sleeping and, on Saturday, getting my haircut and running a few errands. This week looks to be very similar, as it’s currently 2:24am and I’m sitting in the office, waiting on something to finish so I can do more work. I expect I’ll get out of here around 4:00am, and I’ll be back in at 8:30am. The scary part of all this is that I’m not getting tired anymore. I’m pretty sure that that’s not healthy.  But I’m nearing the event horizon with this exhaustive workload. I will either crash and sleep for two days straight or have a psychotic episode.

Suncoast Studios work is at all but a stand-still. There are currently two projects on my plate: the rendering for Eman, and a new project (not sure if I’ve mentioned it before now) that involves me rendering 3D characters and scenery for a video game. As for the latter project, let’s just say the I’ve been reunited with an old friend and we hit it off famously all over again. More info to come soon. I’ve no time in my schedule anymore for these things, but as soon as this shit is cleared up at the office (I pray to the gods that it’s this week), then I’ll be back on track and pumping out work left and right.

There is a possibly (albeit small right now) that I might be seeing Millard in the next couple of weeks and finally meeting Melanie in person. They are trying to come back to Florida for a few days, but I don’t know if Millard can get the time off from work.

Sick Thought of the Day: Rancid feces in the laundry basket.