The Color Of Mice

So, last week I ordered a couple of really cool mouse pads for my computer. I say “a couple”, because I ordered one for the office and one for home. My co-worker, Jon, pointed out a great article on Slashdot that lead to me looking at a bunch of reviews. So, I ended up ordering from The order arrived at the office today around 11:15am, and I immediately opened the box, plugged one of the pads into my work machine, and voila! I have to say, it’s pretty cool for only $20.00; there’re 7 colors plus the ability to do a “color cycling” effect. Anyway, Jon was envious of me for a little while.

I got home and installed the other one. After messing around with it for a bit, I think I’ve decided that the blue color is my favorite. For now. I’m just in that blue mood, as I’m trying to kick this cold. Sniff.

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