Dormio, Ergo Sum

Well, the last couple of days were hellish:

Monday at around 4:15pm the e-mail server at the office died. We called Microsoft and they recommended we repair the database. We started that around 9:00pm. Schunk and I stayed until 2:00am, and then went home to sleep. Total hours worked: 18.00

Tuesday we came in to find the server still hadn’t finished the repair. We toiled over the machine until 7:00pm, when we decided to cut our losses and restore a backup file from Thursday night, effectively losing four days of e-mail data. I volunteered to stay the “first shift” to make sure the backup routine didn’t encounter any problems. Schunk left at 9:00pm. I stayed until 5:15 am. Total hours worked: 21.25

I got home and fell asleep at 6:00am on Wednesday. I slept all day and stayed home from work. It really sucks working all 40 hours in two days.

Today I got up and was quite refreshed. Looks like I’m going to be working this weekend too, though, so I’ll probably put in about 70 hours this week – and that’s after I took Wednesday off to sleep!

Tomorrow Millard’s coming over and I think we’ll watch The Last Starfighter. I just bought it on DVD. I also bought The Mask and Kingpin. Demolition Man should be in in a few days also.

Sick Thought of the Day: Squeeze until they pop.

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