Goodbye Charley, Hello Tony?

It’s been just over a week since Charley hit South West Florida. Fortunately, it missed Sarasota entirely. Unfortunately, it hit Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte (50 miles southeast of here) and devastated them. A friend of mine, Naser, lives down there. We finally got word from him that he, his wife, and the kids are all OK and he’s moving them up to Tennessee for awhile until everything gets back to normal.

So, fast forward to today; I get a phone call today at 2:20pm from my recruiting agency. They tell me that they have a possible job opening with a company, TriBridge in Tampa, who outsources web and Visual Basic development work. They were in a hurry to set up a phone interview with me and the company, so we scheduled it for 2:30pm. Sure enough, my cell phone rings at 2:27pm and I spend the next 20 minutes or so talking with Tony, one of the partners of the company. At the end, he told me that I had really good communication skills and that he was glad to hear I was excited about the technology they use (Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003). On a scale of one to ten, ten being a shoe-in, I got the feeling I ranked like 8.5. However, he told me that Dave would be calling me today sometime to set up a technical phone interview (Tony’s not a highly-techie kinda guy from what I gathered; he was talking to me to listen to my people skills, etc.).

Tony hasn’t called yet, but Mike, my recruiter, touched base with me around 4:00pm and I told him what Tony and I discussed. Mike suggested next Friday (Sep. 3) as a possible “face-to-face” interview. I agreed. We’ll firm that up soon too.

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