Fantastic Friday

I met with Dave last night from TriBridge at 5:30pm at Applebee’s near where I work. He ordered a big burger and I got boneless buffalo wings. For about 50 minutes we sat and talked about the job position and I told him that I thought that the technology they’re using is exciting and that I really see it being the wave of the future for companies. I got a very good feeling about the interview, and I get the impression he did too. So, he went ahead and thanked me and told me that Monday I would either need to go on another interview with them, or I’d be getting an offer, depending on how everything went. I left him with the bill (which he offered to pay).

Mil came over and we sat around for a while talking about the Matrix and how much I didn’t care for Revolutions’ ending. Also, Thursday was his birthday, so, while we ate nachos, Shauna and I gave him a couple of presents, which included some cheese. Of course. We then sat watched The Last Starfighter on DVD. Great movie. About 3/4 of the way through, Mil got really tired and decided he needed to go lie down in the computer room and take a nap. He did, and about an hour later he awoke and stumbled back into the living room, where I was still up watching the extras on the DVD. We then spent the next few hours playing Vice City.

A Friday night where I find that I may have a new, kick-ass job on the horizon, watch Sci-Fi movies with my friends, eat nachos, and play Vice City is a night to beat.

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