Prepping for the Dragon

Last week was terrible for productivity. I spent the time getting everything in order for my trip to Dragon*Con, which starts in just over a week. Now all the prep is out of the way, I can go back to focusing on the projects on my plate.

Another thing that didn’t help (hence, I took advantage of the downtime) was the fact that one of the main hard drives I use in the studio for editing decided to die on me. It was replaced this weekend so I’ll be editing some more starting tonight. I think I’ll be on schedule for completing the editing by Sept 1. After I get back from Dragon*Con, I’ll work on the DVD authoring. Hopefully that and the package design will be done by Sept. 27.

Also, the trip to Dragon*Con will continue the tradition of eating tons of hot dogs on the road. Check back here after the convention to see all the horrifying details.

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