Tests, Logs, and Configs

When my editing workstation’s capture drive failed a while back, I lost a couple of projects. When I say “lost”, I really mean that the captured video went bye-bye, and I lost maybe a total of 3 hours of work (beyond the time it took to capture the video, which was maybe 2 hours). So, now the drive’s been replaced, and I have a secondary drive in the system as well, which now gives me almost half a terabyte of storage space for rendering, video and film work. That said, I’ve re-captured then next project and recovered the scene logs from backup tape. So, now that the project’s all set up, all I need to do is edit. I’ve done some tests with multi-pass VBR MPEG encoding, to see what settings I like the best and am happy with the results.

The 3D models for the Transformers game (we call it the TFMod) are shaping up. I’m working on the Megatron model now, and should be done in the next couple of days. After that, I’ll finalize the concept(s) of Optimus Prime and begin modeling that one too.

I really want to get these projects all finished up in the next 2 weeks (by October 7th) so I can start in on pre-production on the next project.

I also cancelled my City of Heroes account today, as I really have no interest in the game anymore and would rather play World of Warcraft instead. That’ll save me an extra $15 per month too.

Sick Thought of the Day: Midgets in heat, penes erect.

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