After The Rain Has Fallen

Well, it’s finally over. For the past few hours the sun’s been out, the temperature’s 72 degrees, and there’s been a light wind. It’s absolutely beautiful outside.

I’ve decided to go and clean out and re-organize the closet in the studio and get rid of a ton of junk in there. This should make room for the render farm, which I’m still researching how I’m going to build. The goal will be to have several machines in the closet, with some good ventilation.

Millard got back into town last night after being up at Mumpdase’s wedding. Exhausted, he napped on my couch for a bit, then woke up, grabbed the hard drive with his audio masters and headed home. Hopefully we’ll begin working on the DVD tomorrow afternoon.

Sick Thought of the Day: Pig urine in the milk.

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