Today I added a project management area to the website for anyone who works on a project with me. It allows us to add tasks, files, and related information to a project outline with due dates and the like. This should really help me get stuff in order and finish some things. Everything in the “Projects” area of the site has been added in and will be managed through the new system.

I got the motherboard for the new server back yesterday and have been working on getting it up and running again. After a shitload of grief with it last night, I finally found out that there were two problems with it (no, the motherboard was fine): The power supply was bad (it was second-hand) and the IDE cable that connected the CD-ROM drive to the motherboard was bad. I’ve since replaced both and the system is now (finally!) operating 100%. Over the next few days I’ll be installing Windows, after which I’ll be moving my MP3s and photos over to it. I’ll let it run with only these things on it for about a week. If all goes well, I’ll begin migrating more to it after that.

Millard brought a sample of the DVD content home with him the other day and watched it. He remarked that the levels of the video need to be tweaked a bit. I’ve begun doing that, and will be creating a sample DVD with the new levels soon.

Sick Thought of the Day: Doorknob sister-twist with heat-activated lube.

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