Another Day of Shooting

Millard and I met up with Kathleen today and went over her character, discussing the psychology and motivation over some mid-day lunch at Denny’s. We talked for quite a while, then proceeded to Millard’s where we got everything organized and Kathleen got into wardrobe. We got to the location and set up, and shooting began around 4:00pm. Everything went very well, and we would have continued be we started to lose daylight and, subsequently, battery life. All in all, we shot about 70 minutes of footage, and I was very please with the shoot overall.

I took a look at the video since this was the first exterior scenes of the project, and was quite happy with the quality. As the sun ducked behind the trees and direct sunlight on Kathleen was not apparent anymore, I re metered her and adjusted the camera which gives a pretty uniform look to all the footage, even as the sun was nearly down.

After we went back to Millard’s, Kathleen changed back into her civilian clothes and Millard grabbed the audio files off the mobile recorder. I went home soon after, pretty exhausted from all the fresh air and laughing, and retired to the living room where I bathed the room in the sci-fi sounds and colors of Star Trek.

Sick Thought of the Day: Gauisus nauta in insula concubitus.

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