Out From Under

Well, I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve just been too damned busy. This past week I spent a lot of time working on the Demo. Millard’s flying out to L.A. tomorrow and taking it with him – I’m interested in seeing what Will thinks of it. He’ll be the first person to see the footage outside me, Millard, and Shauna. Tonight I’m marrying the cleaned up audio track to the footage and will master it all down to a DVD.

Millard and I drove over to Melbourne on Saturday and shot our last set-based scenes with HisCheapMoves. Afterward, we went to Orlando and watched V for Vendetta on the IMAX screen there. Pretty cool movie. I’ll probably want to see it again.

Starting today, I’ve decided to get back on track with my life. Principal photography for the project has pretty much wrapped, and I’m preparing to go into the final editing soon. This will offer me the ability to return to doing my normal, mundane, repetitive errands and chores that I’ve been neglecting lately. It’s really amazing how those little things can help balance your piece of mind, and set the tone for your everyday activities.

Yesterday Shauna and I decided to go to Perkins to get some breakfast for lunch. While we were sitting there, a guy walked up and told us he was a balloon bender / artist / blower-upper. He made me a motorcycle and made Shauna a butterfly, complete with a hand-drawn face. I tipped hip a whopping $2.00. I’m so fucking generous.

Sick Thought of the Day: Macaroni hammock in my mouth.

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