Color Me Done

I finished color correcting the Demo last night and should be able to view the DVD later today. It took a long time to balance everything out, and there may be a little more to do eventually. I also fixed some transitions and cleaned up how some of the stills move on screen. Millard’s flying back into town today from L.A. and I suspect over the next day or two he’ll want to get together to see the progress since he’s been gone.

During the color correction process, I’ve learned that the process needs to improve quite a bit. Right now, all the color correction is being done manually in post, but it’s very difficult to get everything uniform and “natural”. I got some software and will be ordering a color chart that will be used at the beginning of each shoot from now on. This should make things much more bearable in the editing tomb room.

The Sir Millard Mulch Instructional videos from the DVD are doing well up on Google Video. Lessons 3, 4 and 5 are still awaiting verification but should be up soon.

Sick Thought of the Day: Choking on the goat nuts.

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