Writin’ and Cookin’

Well, I’ve been working on the script for the DVD project the last few days and am at a point where I’ve got five pages written. In the grand scheme of things that doesn’t seem like a hell of a lot, but it puts me about 15 minutes into the video. This project will likely be about 50 minutes long, so I’m about one third of the way done. I made a timeline for myself, and the first rough draft should be complete by Saturday night, after which I’ll have one more week to hash out all the details and adjustments to the script before the final version is due.

Tonight, I finished a bottle of Famous Jake’s Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce. It was a bottle I got for Christmas. I really enjoyed it, even if it was a bit mild for my liking. Good flavor.

I’ve got a package of 15-bean soup soaking in the crock pot right now. Tomorrow night I’ll add in a bunch of Cajun spice and some sautéed onions and sausage and have a bowl of spicy soup! Mmm… After that comes out of the crock, I’ll be making some chili for the weekend. I love crock pots.

Friday night Millard, Shauna and I are going to go see X-Men 3. I think Glenn and Amy may tag along too.

Sick Thought of the Day: Hot sauce in the eye.

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