July 4th

Yesterday Shauna, Melisa and I went to Busch Gardens. It was hot as hell (~91 degrees), but we had a bunch of fun. Shauna’s not a big rollercoaster rider, so Melisa and I rode the Kumba and SheiKra. I rode Kumba several years ago, but SeiKra is new. And that coaster is crazy. It pretty much drops straight down… twice… It was a pretty good ride – it was one of the few coasters that didn’t upset my stomach after I got off. So, we rode those rides and also watched a couple of pretty good musical shows and then went to see Pirates 4D, which is one of those 3D movies where they spray water at you and so on. It starred Leslie Neilson and was actually pretty fun. We drank a lot of lemonade slushies and ate some good sandwiches (I think Shauna had some popcorn and chicken fingers too). It all ended with a really awesome fireworks show over Gwazi.

So, I also wanted to mention that I’m in the process of totally rebuilding the Digital Archive on the site here. I plan to add a lot of content over the next few weeks as part of cleaning up and organizing the studio here (I need to get these stacks of things put in the closet). Stay tuned for more on this and feel free to visit the Digital Archive to see how it’s coming along…

Sick Thought of the Day: Jalapeno pepper juice on the sphincter.

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