Adieu, Brother

The past week or so has been a mixture of me being lazy and things just going on as usual. Millard is leaving today for LA and will then, possibly, move on to Portland. We’ve been talking the past few days about projects and we’ve both agreed we’re going to shelf the movie for now. He’s not in the right mindset to work on it, and may not be for some time. How long will that be? Weeks or maybe even months. I promise that the movie will com out eventually, but Millard needs to concentrate on his Grand Adventure to the city of angels. I totally respect that. And envy it. It’s really awesome that he’s getting his life on the fast track and cashing in on all the hard work from the past ten years.

With him leaving, that means we now only have two players for D&D: Brad and Shauna. If anyone out there is interested in playing, let me know. If we can’t get anyone else to play, we may disband the campaign and stop playing outright, which I’d hate to have to do as it was getting so fun.

With the movie on indefinite hold now, I will be making efforts to move forward on my own projects that I’ve been thinking about and prepping for the past several months. More information on these things will become available on the Suncoast Studios website, so keep a lookout there too.

Well, I’m gonna go and take care of some stuff here at work. Bye, bye for now from the banana factory.

Sick Thought of the Day: Magic milk.

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