Crazy Card

Today’s been interesting so far. I went lunch with Schafer and had to first stop at the drive-up ATM at the bank to deposit a couple of checks. We then decided to head to Jersey Mike’s for some kcik-ass subs. We get there, wait in line, and order the food (taking about 15 minutes total) and as we get to the register, I take out my wallet, open it, and notice that my debit card is not in my wallet. Of course, I just used it 30 minutes before at the ATM, so I’m rethinking what I did with it, and Schafer and I come to the conclusion that I must have left it in the ATM machine and drove away. Man, I totally never do shit like that, and this was the first time this has ever happened to me. So, he’s cool enough to buy my lunch and we eat, shoot the shit and eventually leave. We head back across town towards the bank. John tells me that his wife used to work in a bank and that usually when these things happen, the ATM machine consumes that card if you don’t remove it, then it holds on to it and if no one claims it in 48 hours or so, the machine shreds it or someone goes to the machine and gets the card and shreds it or something like that. So, I’m confident that when we get to the bank they’ll just get my card out of the machine.

So, we get to the bank and I wait in line for a teller for a minute and when I get up there I tell her what happened. She then proceeds to tell me that, because this is the ATM in the drive-thru, that the card is as good as shredded. Evidently, my bank out sources their drive-thru ATMs to Brinks, and the bank has no access to it. Brinks will certainly shred the card. If the card was left in the ATM that was physically attached to the bank, then they could recover it.

Defeated, I got back in the car and returned to work. I get to my desk and I have a voicemail from the bank saying that they found my card and it was currently being held in their vault, safe and sound. Why the teller never a.) looked or b.) asked about my card to her manager while I was there is a complete mystery. Anyway, they have my card. Yay for me. I’ll head over there in a few minutes to get it.

Sick Thought of the Day: Monkey nuts on my chin. China-man nuts on your chin.

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