SCS Update

Our transition to Tampa is now pretty much behind us. We now have about 75% of the boxes unpacked and the furniture set up for the most part. I can now begin focusing more and more on Suncoast Studios work, which has begun to pile up over the past few months.

We’ve got a ton of projects going on. Currently, I’m finishing up a wedding video edit for a co-worker. I’ll be delivering that tomorrow on DVD. I then need to move on to finishing the graphics for Jeff’s book, then I can finally move back into the new television project and the rendered graphics for Millard.

There’s going to be a lot of structuring/restructuring for the studio. I have to get a new business address in Tampa and as soon as that’s done, incorporate. With the documentary for Millard just about ready to get back in to action, I have this feeling that we’re going to be hitting the festival circuit soon and I have to make sure that the company is in tip-top condition to handle that. The new subsidiary of SCS is also starting to form and will be taking some of my time in the next couple of months as well. I’ve realized that it’s starting to be a very exciting and successful time for this little production company. I feel that we’re on the cusp of something really big.

I’ve also decided to begin working on The Yellow Emerald again. I’m going to have to go through and get some bearing as I haven’t been writing for quite some time now. I think that it’s time to completely revamp what’s been done, and bring it all the way to fruition by getting a publisher (or self-publishing). The Yellow Emerald has been in the works now for more than a decade, and I need to get it out of my system. I’ll begin a writing warm-up cycle by contributing to some of Millard’s works in the near future.

I also happened to pick up some really great lighting stands this weekend. The stands are seven feet high and have a coiled electrical cable running down them. These will be perfect for simple lighting fixtures or even to hold set pieces, scrims, cookies, or even backdrops.

Back to editing…

Sick Thought of the Day: Man mayo in the mustache.

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