Lights. Camera. Action?

I went to a lighting shop in town today and got four new 250 Watt, 3200K tungsten floods for Suncoast Studios. I also picked up another aluminum case and tear-apart cube packing and have built out the carrying case for all of the bulbs I have. I also tested them all to make sure that they’re working fine. These bulbs are great lights, but only last 20 hours each and the color temperature starts to change after only three hours.

I’m currently sitting in the studio sipping a Diet Coke blogging, taking a break from working on the Tangible Entertainment project. I think I’ll have a 95% correct version by the end of the night. After I ship the low res animatic off to them and get approval, I’ll render it out at full 2K film resolution.

I may be doing a shoot all next week. I’m not 100% sure if it’s still happening, but I may be hired to shoot a bunch of training seminars and master them down to DVD. I think the project is a go, but I’m not sure when it’s supposed to start, so I have to test all my equipment and make sure it’s ready for whenever.

I ordered a new director’s chair today. In two weeks, I’ll get it embroidered with my name or the word “Director”. I’m not sure which yet. I’m such a fucking egomaniac. I need to buy some more DV tapes.

I’m also going to make some nachos tonight and watch the Lightning game.

Sick Thought of the Day: Grab the base, tug the neck, pull out the worm.

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