Send In The Renders

Ah, the weekend. I am ever so glad it’s here. It’s a time to wash away the stresses of the week and turn your energies inward, hopefully accomplishing some housework, finishing some projects, or just being entertained. I’m about to lay out my master plan for the next two days… Here we go…

I’m currently outputting the final 35mm render for Tangible Entertainment. Some interesting specs on the project:

  • 467 frames of animation
  • 24 frames per second
  • 19.45 seconds of footage
  • Final output resolution: 4,096 x 1,968 pixels
  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio (Flat/Academy Aperture)
  • Current total render time (approximated): 6 days

I’ve been contacted by another filmmaker out in L.A., who wants me to do a title animation for him as well. I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag yet, but he’s pretty well-known in certain internet circles, and I’m sure people in Hollywood know him. We’re going to touch base in the next few days over the phone and discuss what he needs. I’ll dive right into the project as soon as the Tangible render is done.

On another note, we’re very, VERY close to getting Jeff’s book done. I spend about 18 hours with him last Saturday finishing all of the illustrations. We proofread the entire book this past week, and the only real thing left is to read through the requirements from the publisher and see if the cover art needs to be tweaked at all. I may have to redesign the book’s spine, but that should be very simple. I think everything will be done this weekend.

Last Sunday Shauna and I went to a co-worker’s house for the day for a Halloween party. There was a ton of great food, and a bunch of people from the office showed up. Doretha and Ninel were there (Ninel brought the kids; I hadn’t met her older son until then, and haven’t seen the baby since the hospital). We all sat and talked, had fun watching the kids make their own cookies and carve pumpkins, and ultimately just relaxed.

Millard has a new weekly audio podcast, Spam Musubi, where he sits and eats dinner with Will Maier and Eman Laerton each week and they just talk about what they’re up to and their views on things. I find it quite fun to listen to them.

I’m going to pay some bills today, clean the apartment, get a haircut, and wash the car. At some point I’ll also watch some DVDs (Planet Terror, The Ant Bully, and Hostel: Part II came in from my good friends at NetFlix).

I’m in the process of writing my very first song. When it’s done, I’m not going to release it to the public, but I’ll most likely use it in a short or feature I’ll produce. I was surprised when I stumbled across it several days ago on my guitar and had to start working on it. I’m not trained and can’t transcribe it, so I have to rely on memory. At some point I’ll record it in the studio here and bring it into Audition. It’s a very weird thing for me to hear this song (sans lyrics so far) in my head. It’s even weirder that I’m able to slowly find it in the guitar and play it. I’m such a fucking virtuoso.

Oh, I need to go to the store today too.

Sick Thought of the Day: Blood blister under the sack; weeping with puss.

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