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I’ve been busy all day today getting Suncoast Studios projects in order. Millard and I have been talking about resurrecting the documentary we started back in 2005, so I decided to move the entire Production Portal from to its permanent home at Suncoast Studios. I had to recreate all of the blog entries and upload all of the data, properly building the Portal as I went. While doing this, I realized there were several other things up here that needed to move including the Transformers models I build for the TFMod Team’s Battlefield 1942 mod, the Pleaseeasaur video edit I did for, and the final submitted edit of My First Job. So, all that’s done now and it’s properly organized up under the SCS site and the old references up here have been removed.

I also spent some time here fixing the look and feel of the blog, which was disrupted when I upgraded it a few weeks ago. It’s almost where I want it; I spent too much time on it this evening and am going to let it go until it bothers me again.

I recently dug up this old picture for Naser and Jeff and e-mailed it to them. It was taken outside the Pastry Art café on Main Street in downtown Sarasota (our office was located on Ringling and Orange up until March 2004) and depicts (from left to right) Naser, me, Jeff, and Grant. The four of us were good friends and frequented the café often. We began to form FourthChair Software while working together and almost had it launched until Grant had to move his family back to New Zealand, where they’re from. Jeff and I carried the torch for a short while, all the while starting (and stopping) several projects while they were still in their infancy. The last project we did was myLongBox 2004, a comic book database engine that was nearly completed. We lost interest in it and eventually abandoned it. I still have all the sourcecode and graphics (and even compiled, working EXEs) that I may post up here some day for a hoot.

I started working on a project for work today that Suncoast Studios is producing. I anticipate I’ll spend a lot of time on it tomorrow. Now, I’m going to eat some food and watch some old Battlestar Galactica.

Sick Thought of the Day: Stripes of chromium dioxide under the sack; nut tunes.

Edit (2008.04.27 11:26a): I sent the link to this entry to another good friend of mine, Vicky, who we all worked with for many years. I had a sneaking suspicion that either she or Grant’s wife took the picture, as I recall it was a woman there with us. Last night Vicky IMed me and told me it was, indeed, her that took it.

The funny thing about this little piece of information is that I have been waxing nostalgic lately, looking over old photos, reading old e-mails, and so on, and it’s so incredibly gratifying to know that this one photo above is a recorded moment in time where all five of us were in the same place, doing the same thing, enjoying each other as friends. My only regret is that Vik couldn’t be in the picture as well.

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