I got to a point this evening where I was ready to work out and realized that my T-Mobile Wing Windows device not only didn’t have a standard headphone jack for my ear buds, but it wasn’t playing my MP3s for some odd reason. So, I jumped in the car and went to Wal-Mart and purchased an iPod Shuffle (1GB). I absolutely need music to work out by, so this was a necessity. I’m not the kind of person that needs to carry video around with me, so 250 songs on the Shuffle was perfect. I got back home, got dressed and went and worked out, walking a total of 20 minutes, running almost 10 minutes, and doing upper-body strength training for about 20 minutes. I’m using a suite of applications from VidaOne to keep track of my workouts and kcals on my Wing. I have to say that I feel great now. Effort has been applied, and I kinda like it.

I also listened to about half of the Waters album I mentioned earlier and I have to say that it’s fantastic. Another fine concept album, Roger!

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