I had an amazing time at Alex and Nel’s yesterday. I got to their place around 4:00pm. I had brought some items to make cocktails and immediately dove into bar-tending. First up was shots of Brain Hemorrhage, which consists of peach schnapps, Bailey’s, and Grenadine. Then I poured some Dra-Kahlua Martinis which had Cointreau, Congnac, Kahlua, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Really good. Lastly, I threw together Melon liqueur, Bailey’s, and vodka martinis. We never finished them as they were pretty strong and we were all full from dinner.

We took the kids out Trick Or Treating. Brandon dressed up as Darth Vader and Ryan went as the older Anakin Skywalker. I took several photos and videos, but one in particular I decided to spruce-up:


After a couple of hours out and about, we headed back and the kids had some candy and went to bed and us adults hung out for a little bit and talked some more.

The time flew by way too fast, but I sorely needed that respite.

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