New Residents

Arn swung by tonight and brought me a whole bunch of fish, a ton of fake plants, a pump, and some scenery. I finally took the 20 gallon tank out of the back of the truck (it’s been in there for about a month), cleaned it out and filled it with water and threw some fake plants. Even though this is just a temporary setup, I still treated and pH balanced the water. I’ll tear this and the 10g tank apart next weekend and then everyone will live happily in the same tank.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Alex and Nel’s to watch the kids for them for the weekend while they go off to St. Augustine to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. I’m so happy to be able to do this – I’ve even lined up a little surprise for them.

I should be at their house around 3:00pm, and then they’re out of there soon after not to be home until Monday afternoon. I have a TON of activities planned with the kids. I’m SO excited to be spending time with them, acting like a kid, and just having fun and relaxing. And, I’m able to give Alex and Nel a great time by themselves on a special weekend to boot. Love them all!

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