Network Re-engineering Complete

Soon after I got this site back up, I decided to re-engineer the internals of the network at the studio. This, ultimately, took this site down again (along with others).

The biggest change was the refactoring of the hypervisors’ datastores. I have two hypervisors running VMware ESXi. Each hypervisor had a series of internal hard drives that stored all of the data (datastores). When I first implemented the hypervisors, I thought I was clever by having these disks internal, as I was using the OSes of the VMs to mirror across multiple physical disks for redundancy, as well as JBOD the disks for greater storage. The problem was that this wasn’t conducive to having the hypervisors redundant, only the hard disks. The only way to fix that was to get a NAS or SAN that supported iSCSI. So, l got an enclosure, populated it, and began the process of building new iSCSI targets. After moving the data off of all the internal HDDs onto the iSCSI targets, I was able to vMotion VMs¬†all onto one hypervisor, shut it down, and remove all of the internal drives. Then, I repeated those steps for the hypervisor. Ahh…

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