Storage and More

As noted before, I got the new boxes in for my nerd collectables et al. And today I’ve transferred everything into them. Behold.

The box.
The main collectibles box.
The second storage box has a bunch of lanyards, badges, and materials from cons.

This last image shows the new boxes in one of the cupboards (top right). I pulled everything out of here today and re-organized it all. I don’t have a “before” picture, but this is actually a lot better. Still not done, though. More organizing to come.

And, lastly, here’s a quick view of the state of the DeLorean.

3 thoughts on “Storage and More

    1. Yeah, the car is pretty big. That yearbook is from my Junior year – 1991. Probably a bunch of cool things in it. BTW, when I originally posted the last few pictures, I forgot make them clickable for higher-resolution versions. That’s been rectum-fried.

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