To Conquer the Frustration of Entertainment

A few days ago I decided to commit myself to finishing some video games that I’ve had lying around the apartment. You see, I’m not a HUGE gamer, but I do love the escape a game can provide. There are several games I own that I’ve started only to lay them down in frustration.

Game #1: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Playstation 2).

I started in on it yesterday and had a hell of a time getting past the level I was on. Of course, this was why I decided not to play further the last time I played it. Hmm. So, I tried and tried. And then I got irritated. Irritation led to suffering. Suffering lead to pain. Pain leads to anger. Anger leads to the Dark Side.

So, not wanting to be absorbed into that weird Sith culture, I decided to relieve the irritation (and no, I didn’t use a cream) and I went to the trusty Internet, where I quickly found a walkthrough for the game. Zipping through the file, I found what I was looking for. I went back to the console in the living room and made it past my problem spot. Hmm. Not as satisfying as figuring it out yourself, but hey. Progress is progress, and if I have to have some help along the way, then so be it.

Needless to say I finished the game, only to find out that the bonus feature (the original Prince of Persia game) didn’t unlock like it was supposed to. Damn.

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