It’s been a while since I posted last. Things have been pretty busy for me the last week or so. Anyway…

Saw Catwoman this weekend. The movie was OK, but after Spider-Man and X-Men, the story seemed very campy; a little too comic-bookish. I guess it may be my viewing preference, as I like the way the directors of these Marvel movies are portraying the characters as real people, and the “laws” of comicbookdom are not applied too much to the movies. I’ve always had trouble latching on to DC story lines, as they just seem too far-fetched. Halle Berry was alright, but the constant purring and cat-like movements really hurt the film. I’d give it a C+, and that’s mainly for Benjamin Bratt’s always-great portrayal of a cop.

Also bought a new acoustic guitar yesterday. It wanted something inexpensive that had a decent sound, so I got a Yamaha 310. Nice, simple, cheap. Yeah. Got a gig bag and some picks with it.

Things are going well with the app we’re writing. There are some minor bugs and feature tweaks that need to be done over the next couple of days, but the main focus is on developing the website and help file. Those items will take a few weeks. Right now we’re probably looking at going live with the site and offering the product September 1.

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