The Winds of Change

My old colleague, Vicky, stopped by the office today. I haven’t seen her since February sometime. Since she lives in the Big Apple now, we only chat via IM anymore, or the occasional phone call. It was nice to see her.

While she was here, we went in to see her old boss (who is my boss), and all three of us we talked for a little bit. Then, my boss stands up, closes his office door and starts in with “since I’ve got both of you here…”. He then goes on to tell us that he’s resigning from the company essentially. Well, actually, he’s moving on to another part of the company, but won’t have any association with our office anymore. I think Wednesday is his last day here, as he ships out to that other division to help get them up to speed (that division was recently acquired by my company). So, that was a shock. Most of the senior staff here knows, and it’ll become public knowledge tomorrow at our company-wide, monthly staff meeting. I have mixed feelings about him leaving. I’ve been with the company almost 5 years now, and over the past year things have happened between he and I that really strained our professional and personal relationships. I wish him the best, though.

Jeff and I have switched our roles in our side-job. I was working on finishing up our app, while he was working on the programming and structure of the website. Tonight, we’ll swap again and I’ll start on the graphics-side of the side (the programming is done), and he’s gonna work on tweaks in the app.

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