Back To Work

The last five days off were great. I really needed that. Granted, two of the days were normal weekend days, but it helped. I played a lot of video games, ate some pizza, and relaxed.

My and Shauna’s 10th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, so on Saturday we went out and bought ourselves new wedding rings. Finally. We’ll pick them up tomorrow night and then head out for a nice dinner someplace.

This week is Schunk’s last week at work. It’ll definitely suck not working with him anymore. Five years of working (working well) next to someone really is cool. Anyway, we’ll get together on the weekends to play video games or catch a baseball game, or something along those lines.

After the much needed break, I’m diving back into my website again tonight. My goal is to finish the graphics by the end of the week. After that, Jeff and I need to asses the entire project (app and website) and see what’s left. I really want to begin marketing this November 1.

Sick Thought of the Day: Cream in the Coffee

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