For some crazy-assed reason I decided to re-cable all the audio and video stuff in the studio. I did it for three reasons: First, the cables were a complete mess and needed to be cleanup and organized a lot better. Second, nothing was labeled, and with all the power, USB, audio, and video cables under the desk, it got to be difficult to know what I was unplugging. Lastly, I needed to fix a problem with the audio. I tracked down the audio problem to an adapter and replaced it. Tonight, I’ll finish tying all the cables and will be finished. Ah.

I got new barndoors and gels for the tungsten lights. I’ve put one light together and it makes all the difference. I’ve also got a monitor/television calibrator coming this week along with a digital to analog audio/video converter. My BNC cables will also be in late this week or early next.

Sick Thought of the Day: Pig snot.

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