Elves, Screens, and a Spyder

Yesterday I hooked up the new broadcast monitor, digital to analog converter, and camera. I got an ultra-accurate picture on the monitor and decided that the cabling I have was good, but not good enough. I ordered a really rare, 1990’s industry cable to hook the converter up to the monitor. Other than the fact the picture could have been crisper, the monitor was dead-on for color and chroma/hue.

Tonight I calibrated both of my LCD monitors on my main editing workstation with my new Spyder2. I’ll calibrate the monitor on the servers and Shauna’s LCD tomorrow or Saturday.

I spent some time playing Dungeons & Dragons Online tonight. All I can say is that this game is absolutely beautiful and I really enjoy playing it. However, I got really tired (yawn) and had to stop. So, I figured I’d blog and go to bed.


Sick Thought of the Day: Thick finger, small hole.

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