Server Serves No More

My server took a big, brown, stinking shit last night. Drive C: failed finally (the server’s only 6 years old for God’s sake). Luckily, all my data is stored on a D: and E: drive in the machine, so all I lost was the installed software and basic server configuration. I went to restore the data from my backup to find… the backup was corrupt. I suspect that the server failed in the middle of the backup. No biggie. I had a new server in house already, but was procrastinating the migration of the data over to it (I was going to retire the dead server soon anyway). So, last night I just accelerated my plans and started installing and configuring everything on the new box. E-mail is back up and running and some basic things like antivirus and such. I’ll be tweaking it more this weekend. The goal will be to be fully back online by Sunday night, which I think is very do-able. I’m glad I no longer host on my home server. 🙂

So, this whole server thing will be pushing back the timeline a few days for me jumping into the scripting of the movie.

Millard has created MutantMall Radio. Head on over, take a listen and buy some stuff.

I’ve decided to stop wearing my shoes while I’m sitting at my desk at the office. I think its improving circulation to my brain, as I’m more productive today. Or maybe it’s because I’m one of those people who hate having their feet hot – I prefer them to be ice cold. I even sleep with them poking out of the sheets. It’s a weird body-heat-comfort regulation thing I got going on. Some people need their hands cool, or can’t wear hats. Me, it’s my feet.

Sick Thought of the Day: Little china man has raw egg fooyung.

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