Server Done; Tribeca Short

The new server is fully operational… Just like the second Death Star. I was able to finish up tonight, which is great since that will free up half my day tomorrow. All services are now functioning again, including FTP. Yay for me. The only thing left is to resurrect the old e-mail and migrate it into the new server (although the new server sends and receives e-mail fine).

I’m sitting here, the clock has just pushed past midnight, and I ponder the next video project (besides the movie with Millard) while listening to Mozart. I’ve decided to film a short and submit it to the Tribeca Film Festival. Maybe I can get some recognition, or even win me some cash. It’s going to have to be quick, since the festival’s submission deadline is next Wednesday night. I’ll be shooting the short all day Monday (I took the day off).

Sick Thought of the Day: Bloody gonad muscle.

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