Short Done

I’ve just submitted my short film “My First Job” to the Tribeca Film Festival’s 15-second Short Film competition. I found out about the contest late Friday, and brainstormed with Millard Sunday. After solidifying the concept, I edited it all on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (hey, that’s tonight!). To watch the short, please visit the new Screening Room located in the navigation area of the site.

With the short out of the way, I’m going to start in on the full length DVD movie again. I’ll start that Friday night, as I’ve decided to take tomorrow night to watch the Lightning get trounced again by the Senators. I shouldn’t be such a dammed pessimist, but I’m not feeling the playoff vibe like I did two years ago. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong, and whip the shit out of Ottawa.

Millard’s flying to Philly on Friday, so I’ll be spending all weekend on the movie.

In other exciting news, I’ve totally weaned myself off of caffeine. Fucking. Sucked. It was hard, but I’m over it and am now drinking between seven and eight 8-ounce bottles of water each day. And I’m pissing like an old lady.

Sick Thought of the Day: Hairy feces on the chin.

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