Editing Begins

I officially began editing the feature tonight. It took a while to set the project up in the NLE software, as the system needed to conform the audio from all the video clips, which took a couple hours. After that was all squared away, it took about an hour to get a good rhythm down on the editing. I’m going off a shot log that Millard put together in a spreadsheet and am applying those in and out markers to the actual footage. So, I’m bouncing back and forth between Premiere and Excel, which takes some getting used to. Anyway, at this point I’m about 15 minutes into the feature. If I can keep up the pace, I should be done with the first rough cut by then end of the night on Thursday.

Tropical Depression 1 upgraded to Tropical Storm Alberto today. The most recent advisory says that it only has maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. The storm looks like it will veer east and head up near the panhandle of the state, all the while remaining a Tropical Storm. It’s been raining all day as tufts of storms peel off the main body and weak feeder bands move across Florida. I welcome Alberto. We need the rain.

I watched the original 1968 film The Producers today. I’ve decided that, if I want to see the new version of a remake, I would do the film more justice by making sure I see the original first.

Sick Thought of the Day: Crab claws hanging from the asshole.

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