Dragons, Sluts, and Spaceships

Friday night’s session went well. We all had more fun, I think, since I adjusted the rules. Shauna wasn’t up to playing due to a rough week at work, so her character, Aydan, stayed at the tavern while the rest of the party ventured back to the silver mines. All-in-all, the players kicked some ass. The rules are a bit more balanced now that I’ve adjusted the encumbrance limits, the encounter possibility frequency between Silverton and the mines, and the fact that I added a magic shop in town. This allowed them to buy some healing items that would otherwise have made it really difficult to go back into the mines without a healer.

Saturday night Shauna and I both enjoyed several red-headed sluts.

I met with Millard Monday and we went over the remaining tasks for the DVD feature. I was able to put together a CD with some low res videos and stills and game him a copy of Premiere so he could do some rough editing on his won, then send it to me for tweaking.

Tonight we’re going to watch the Battlestar Galactica mini-series.

Sick Thought of the Day: Crush the finger till the tip splits and the red and white puss comes out.

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