An Amazing Thought

Last night I finished up our itinerary for Dragon*Con. Everything’s booked and paid for and the roadmap laid out. I found this great website called TripHub that I’m trying out to see if it makes the vacation any easier. So far it’s pretty basic, but allows you to aggregate your flight info, hotel info, and trip itinerary all into an easy to use Web 2.0 interface.

Friday’s D&D session went really well. We started late because of some errands I had to run that evening, so we only played from 9:00pm to 11:00pm or so. There wasn’t much action, but it was still pretty fun. I need to start being a bit more assertive on getting the players out of “dead-end” scenarios – I need to force the story line along. Well, I’m sure I’ll get better about this over time as this was only our 4th session. Anyway, I spent several hours Sunday reading up on things, improving the module, and making some cool things for this adventure. This Friday should be a lot more fun.

I’ve been finding it quite satisfactory in creating to-do lists lately. I find they are the most fun when I can complete them.

Millard and I started back in on the movie recently – devoting more resources to it. We’ve almost gotten to the point where we’ve locked down the video tracks. Next up will be stills, graphics, titles, and then all the audio after that. Well, maybe not exactly in that order.

Yesterday I ate two huge, foot-long 7-11 hotdogs with nacho cheese all over them. Oh my god. I was in heaven.

Sick Thought of the Day: The pudding flowed freely from his ass, dripping onto the corner of her mouth. With tongue wicked-red, she flicked the magic off her lips to behind her teeth. Small worms arose from the nipples as green liquid gushed from the anus. Every cockroach in the building came out and began feeding off the tender vomit. Lazy fingers bumped into the rectum, making slight squeaking sounds and heavy smiles.

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