Zev Freelock

“Watch out ladies! Zev Freelock is back in Paragon! The debonair super hero is back in costume, helping the innocents of this great city. Keep looking up in the skies and you might catch a glimpse of him as he streaks by, on his way to vanquish evil-doers!”
-Rodney Zelf, Paragon Times

Yes, indeed, Zev is back. I installed City of Heroes on my computer a couple of days ago and also purchased City of Villains to compliment it. I’ve been having a lot of fun the last couple of days! I’ve added my Xfire information once again to the bottom of my homepage. Check it out and you can see what I’m playing. I ended up printing out all the maps for the game and have decided to give it another go – at least for a month. Fists of Flame, where are you?!?

I need to go get some chow now and watch the Lightning get their asses handed to them by Carolina.

Sick Thought of the Day: Pink Elephant love.

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