I finished Lego Star Wars on Monday night. The game is pretty cool, and I made it all the way through the story line. You can actually go back and play this mode called Freeplay, which allows you to use any of the characters you unlocked during Story mode and get to hidden areas you couldn’t before because your characters at the time lacked the skills. I went back and got through about 50% of the Freeplay stuff, then decided that I had enough.

So, last night I installed Star Wars: Empire at War and started running through the tutorials. I’ll probably play that again tonight. I played the demo for the game a couple of months ago, and liked it and, now that I’m re-learning it, I remember why I liked it so much. The game is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, ala Command & Conquer.

I’m going to be busy the next couple of nights getting my private life in order (paying bills, cleaning house, etc.) so I hope to be able to devote more time this weekend to gaming and finishing up a project for Jeff.

Sick Thought of the Day: Abdominal hemorrhaging into the toilet.

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